Jamesville Balloon Fest Will Take You Up, Up, and Away!


The Jamesville Balloon Fest will take you up, up and away starting June 28th.

The 40th Annual Balloon Fest is a great family-friendly event, and features free admission with only a charge for parking by the carload.

With fireworks on Saturday the 29th, there will be live music, food vendors, as well as wine and beer available for festival-goers.

The event is sponsored for the first time by Tarson Pools and Spas this year, and the event will have representatives showing off 18 spas under their tent. People will also be able to register for balloon rides under the tent.

With rides as a big attraction, kids and adults alike can enjoy slides and balloon rides, with over 20 balloons to choose from.

Tarson chose to sponsor the Balloon Fest for the first time this year as a way to give back to the community. The company will bring a MakeAWish booth and festival goers will be able to enter a $1 raffle for a chance to win a flat screen TV, Amanda Crandall from Tarson said.

Live music, from artists such as Hey Day, Ener-G, and PrimeTime can also be enjoyed at the festival, with performances from 1pm to 10pm for all three days of the weekend.

To learn more about Balloon Fest, visit SyracuseBalloonFest.com.

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