LIVERPOOL, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) –A Liverpool teenager showed her gratitude to the first responders that helped save her life in October last year.

Kayla Scholz, 18, went into cardiac arrest while at work at Destiny USA. She didn’t have a heartbeat for 20 minutes according to paramedics who arrived to help her.

Two of her co-workers gave life-saving CPR and first responders from AMR ambulance and the Syracuse Fire Department rushed her to the hospital.
Kayla was put into a coma for five days. She has no memory of the week before or the week of the incident.

“I have been told that less than 10 percent survive an out of hospital cardiac arrest,” said Jennifer Scholz, Kayla’s mom. “And even if they do survive, only about 1 percent come out without a severe brain injury.”

Kayla has made a miraculous recovery, though she is still seeing a specialist to see what caused her to go into cardiac arrest.

She has formed a bond with those who helped save her.

“We bring patients to the hospital but we never find out the outcome,” said Paramedic Michael Bridenbaker. “We wonder and we wonder and through social media and friends and stuff like that, we have really been able to keep in touch with her and the family.”

Friday night, Kayla invited all those who saved her life to her graduation party in downtown Syracuse.

“It is nice to catch up with them when I can see them. I talk to the paramedics on Facebook,” she said. “They comment on a lot of pictures so they keep in touch which is nice.”

Meghan Bailey, EMT, and paramedic Michael Bridenbaker — along with Lt. Gene Johnson and Firefighter Rodney Mattison of the Syracuse Fire Department — all celebrated with Kayla. They plan on keeping in touch as she prepares for college.

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