SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – The City of Syracuse’s new bike-share program will be hitting the streets Tuesday evening.

The fleet of 200 seafoam green e-bicycles is the first of its kind anywhere in the nation. The bikes use an electric motor to assist riders up hills, but can still operate without a charge.

“These bikes are specially designed to function in the winter the tires on the bike, there is no chain these are belt driven bikes so there is no rust. They can handle the elements,” said Community Manager, Paul Colabufo.

The bikes and batteries are GPS monitored and are rated to go 40-miles on a single charge. As they run low, teams with Gotcha SYNC Syracuse will be able to track the bike’s location and switch out the battery for a new one.

Bikes will be located at thirty-five “hubs” across the city. Users simply download the “Gotcha App” and scan a QR code on the bike’s handlebars. Once finished the bikes must be placed back at a “hub” or users will face a fine.

It will cost users two dollars for a one-time ride, each minute of use will cost fifteen cents. A twelve-dollar monthly subscription and year-long subscription for fifty-dollars are also available.

“Syracuse is a fairly small city and most places you can get to if you’re in a car within 10-15 minutes and most of the time it takes the same amount of time using a bike, so people will have other options and in this case a healthier option and we hope people will use it,” said Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh.

Riders are advised to use a helmet and follow all traffic and safety rules.

Map showing SYNC Bike-share Locations

List of SYNC Bike-share Locations:

  1. 500 East Genesee St. – Genesee & Townsend
  2. Marriott Syracuse Downtown Garage – Salina & Harrison
  3. Creekwalk Armory – Fayette & Walton
  4. Civic Center – Montgomery & Madison
  5. Fayette & Montgomery
  6. Fire Station #12 – Wallace & Genesee
  7. Hanover Square – Water & Salina
  8. Warren St. – Warren & Onondaga
  9. Compass Square – Erie & Franklin
  10. Creekwalk Trailhead – Bear & Van Rensselaer
  11. Franklin Square – Solar & Plum
  12. N. Salina St. – Salina & Division
  13. Samaritan Center – State & Willow
  14. St. Joes Training Center – Salina & Butternut
  15. Southside Gateway – South & Onondaga
  16. Center of Excellence – Almond & Washington
  17. Marshall St. – University & Marshall
  18. Leavenworth Park – Wilkinson & Barker
  19. Skiddy Park – Otisco & Tioga 
  20. WCNY – Wyoming & Fayette
  21. Gear Factory – Fayette & Geddes
  22. Salina & Jeerson
  23. James & Oak
  24. Lawrinson Dorm/Garage – Stadium Place
  25. Bird Library – Waverly & Walnut
  26. South Campus Student Center – Skytop & Chinook
  27. Wilson Park – Jackson & McBride
  28. Rose Garden – University & Thornden
  29. Westcott – Harvard & Westcott
  30. Westcott & Euclid
  31. Inner Harbor Court & Creekwalk
  32. Hawley Green – Gertrude & Lodi
  33. White Branch Library – Alvord & Butternut
  34. Southwest Community Center – South & Clover
  35. Syracuse Stage – Genesee & Irving

If you want to give the bikes a try free of charge, the official launch will happen Tuesday,at 5 p.m. at the “Rock the Block” event at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown.

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