WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas as holiday travelers start hitting the roads, and the skies.

“Our primary focus is to make sure that everyone is safe,” Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said.

Buttigieg says severe winter weather could make it harder to get where you’re going.

“We’re definitely seeing indications that a lot of the hubs will be impacted, starting in the Midwest,” Buttigieg said.

Buttigieg recommends flyers have a plan and check if their airline is allowing free last-minute changes.

“A lot of the airlines are from what we see here, doing the right thing and allowing passengers to do that without a charge,” Buttigieg said.

And delays won’t be just at the airports, as more Americans will start hitting the road.

“If you’re planning on hitting the road, let’s say on Friday, consider maybe leaving a day earlier,” AAA spokesperson Aixa Diaz said.

AAA estimates more than 100 million people will drive during the holiday while seven million will hit the skies.

They say it’s important to stay flexible during this time of year especially when bad weather tries to ruin your plans.

“You don’t want to be on the road when it’s going to be icy or snowy or very rainy,” Diaz said. “Prepare to get stuck in traffic for longer than usual.”

AAA recommends those who insist on heading out during a storm, take proper precautions, drive slowly, and make an emergency kit with blankets food, and water.