California lawmakers fight back against Trump administration travel ban


WASHINGTON, D.C. (NEXSTAR) – “We can’t just claim we’re a just nation, we have to act like one,” Representative Lou Correa, D-California, said.

House Democrats are working to undercut President Trump’s authority to carry out the latest version of the travel ban. 

“It’s cruel and unjust to prevent millions of people from coming because of a small group of terrorists,” Representative Judy Chu, D-California, said. 

In late January, the White House restricted travel from six more nations.

Democrat Judy Chu’s bill would repeal the ban and requires the president to justify any new attempts to congress. 

The courts blocked the Trump administration from implementing the first two versions of the travel ban but the Supreme Court upheld the current one. 

Republicans say repealing it is a national security risk.

“It undermines the safety and security of Americans. So I’d urge my colleagues to oppose HR 2214,” Representative Doug Collins, R-Georgia, said. 

Republican Doug Collins says Democrats have the wrong motives. 

“It’s about the president, and taking the president out of this because they don’t like the president’s role,” Collins said.

And fellow Republican Andy Biggs even though President Trump campaigned on a promise to ban Muslims, the current policy doesn’t target any group. 

“There’s no mention of religious tests or religion in any of the proclamations,” Representative Andy Biggs, R-Arizona, said.

Democrats admit, if the bill passes the House, it’s likely to fail in the Republican-led Senate.

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