7 Day Forecast

7 Day Forecast


Showers and drizzle for the most part will be tapering this evening with areas of fog and possibly a bit of mist late tonight. Watch out for icy spots on untreated surfaces as temperatures will be near freezing much of the night. Low 31. Wind: NE->SW 0-5 mph.


Blustery with some snow showers. A coating to an inch or so is possible. High 37, but falling during the afternoon into the low 30s by dark. Wind: W->NW 10-25+ mph. Wind Chill: 15 to 25.


Brisk and cold with a few lingering flurries possible early on, but for the most part Tuesday will be dry. We may even see a bit of afternoon sun. High 26. Wind: NW 10-20 mph. Wind Chill: 10 to 20.


A pretty good deal of sunshine and after the cold start we will rebound nicely. High near 38. Wind: SSE 4-10 mph. Wind Chill: 25 to 30.


Bit of a breeze and milder with clouds increasing. Looks dry during the day right now. High 43.

Friday: (Winter begins at 5:22 p.m.)

Breezy with some rain and it will be mild. High around 50. It will not feel or look like the start of winter.


Rain showers at least mixing with if not changing to snow showers during the day. High 38.


Brisk and colder with some lake snow showers possible. High 34.  

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