SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – After a wetter than average summer in Syracuse, and CNY, the last part of September is likely going to be drier than not, and MAY feature our driest stretch of 2023 thus far!

It’s been awhile…

As of Wednesday night, it has been a week, September 13th, since Syracuse saw any measurable rainfall, and with the current set up and forecast we COULD see another week plus of dry weather depending on whether a coastal storm impacts us over the weekend or not.

Longest dry stretch of the year?

The longest dry stretch in Syracuse this year occurred between May 5th to June 7th, or two weeks. As you can see below, we are only another 7 days away from tying the longest dry stretch of the year, and at least 2 more dry days (through Friday) are certain due to a large area of high pressure in charge.

Longest rain free period in years?

If we get through next Thursday, September 28th, rain free in Syracuse it will not only make it the longest dry stretch of the year but would mark the first time that Syracuse has had 15 consecutive days without measurable precipitation since September of 2020!

Driest stretch in Syracuse’s history…

In case you were wondering, the longest dry stretch in recorded history for Syracuse is 25 days! This happened twice. The first time was back in 1908 ending September 27th and the other time was in 1949 ending June 18th.  

Other benefits of this dry stretch

A couple of other benefits that come about from this longer dry stretch of weather other than being great to be out and about, is better tasting wine as the vines are ripening the grapes and not focused on growing leaves.

When it comes to the fall foliage that has been a bit slow to start, the several, sunny, mild days and cool/chilly nights should really not only get the leaves changing but also make the colors that more brilliant!

Thankfully, the ground/soil has plenty of moisture in it after the wetter summer and start to this month, and it’s late September so there are no real worries about this longer dry stretch for farmers/gardeners.