SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV)– Cloud there be a silver lining behind the late season snow melting over a good part of Central New York these past 24 hours?

It could be a boon to spring lawns over the region!

Not only does melting snow provide moisture to a lawn but also elements like nitrogen which help to cause grass to grow faster and greener. If you buy fertilizer at your garden store, nitrogen is the first digit in the three number formula you see on the bag.  Phosphorus and potassium represent the other two numbers helping grass build a strong root system and deal with stress respectively.

While nitrogen is also found in rain, melting snow has a better chance of slowly seeping into the soil where it can do more good. Heavy rain in downpours can cause some of the rain (and its nitrogen) to run off.

Some gardeners and farmers have even dubbed snow a “Poor Man’s Fertilizer”.

While the Syracuse airport snowfall Monday night and Tuesday morning only amounted to 1.9”, some parts of Central New York received a foot or more of snow.  With temperatures rising above normal the next few days, the snow will melt by the end of the week.