(WSYR)- Another major heat wave is impacting the Western United States this weekend. Numerous locations will be challenging or breaking record temperatures.

Can you imagine a low temperature in the 100’s? Yes, a LOW temperature…

The highest temperature ever recorded in Syracuse was 102°. The low temperature Friday morning in Death Valley, California was 104°.

Death Valley is currently the location across the globe that holds the hottest high temperature record. The high temperature of 134° is the hottest temperature ever recorded on our planet. It was set on July 10, 1913.

On Friday, Death Valley reached 130° degrees. The same area reached the same temperature just last August.

The forecast is for the area to reach 130° again Saturday and Sunday with overnight lows staying in the 100’s too. While this area is known for heat, this is extreme. An excessive heat warning remains in effect through Monday July, 13.

Forecast from the National Weather Service in Las Vegas, NV for Death Valley, CA

 Although the record high of 134 in 1913 still stands as the world’s hottest temperature, there are questions of its credibility and accuracy. If it does become debunked in the future, the 130° high could be the new record.