SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — We are into early January and Syracuse has had just barely 20” of snow for the season, less than half of normal and the ground is bare.

Here are some numbers that aren’t too pleasant for winter enthusiasts going forward.

We looked back at the records from the airport (since 1949) and found that there have been 15 other winters with 20” or less of snow by the first of the new year. The numbers aren’t promising if you are hoping we make up ground to get close to our seasonal average of 127” of snow.

In 11 of those 15 years, we ended up with a seasonal snow total of less than 100”

In 6 out of the 15 years it was less than 80 inches of snow, including the last two winters.

If you narrow down the search to La Nina winters, which we are currently in, then the previous six times with Lan Nina conditions all ended up with less than 100” of snow.

Now let’s give you skiers and snowmobilers the glass-half-full version…

Even in those La Nina Winters, the snowfall in the second half of the winter came out much closer to normal than the first half.  The average snowfall January through the end of season in those six La Nina winters was an additional 62” when the normal is 77”.  Even that kind of snowfall can help cover ski slopes and snowmobile trails.

For those who want to be really optimistic, there were rare occasions where snowfall for the winter caught up after such a slow start to winter but you usually need something highly unusual to happen.

In 1965-66, the Blizzard of ’66 struck at the end of January, and we managed to end the winter at 118.6”

In 2006-07, we made a remarkable recovery after just a foot of snow through December 31st to end the season at 140.2” We went on a tear for 7 weeks from mid-January to the end of February when almost 100” of snow fell!

In 1957-’58 an impressive 72.6” of snow fell in the month of February alone and the season ended at 141.1” after only 18.5” through the end of December! All these years later it is still the most snow for a February in Syracuse by more than a foot.

Right now, however, we don’t see our pattern making that kind of pattern reversal. Keep checking our Storm Team Headlines page to see if there is any meaningful snow in our future.