Are you an early riser typically? If so, check out the east-southeast sky about 30 to 45 minutes before sunrise, or between 430 and 5 AM each morning through the rest of this month. This is where you will see all 5 bright planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the order they are with relation to the sun. It’s a sight to see, and you can see this celestial treat with the naked eye! The last time this happened was back in December of 2004!

Mercury will be closest to the horizon shortly before sunrise and become increasingly bright as June progresses. Then comes Venus (brightest) up a bit and to the right (south) of Mercury followed by Mars (reddish) up and to the right of Venus, and so forth with Jupiter (also bright), and lastly Saturn farthest from the sun and horizon and toughest to spot. If you draw an imaginary line between the other planets it will point right to Saturn.

Come predawn on June 24th is when Mercury is brightest and earth’s moon joins the celestial party in it’s waning crescent phase shining between Venus and Mars.

Sometime in the first week of July Mercury will disappear in the brightness of the sun as it approaches the horizon and mark the end of the out of this world event.

The next time the 5 planets line up again won’t be for another 18 years, or 2040 on September 8th.