September brings a return to school, ripening apples along with shorter days and lengthening shadows. September also marks the end of the summer season and start of fall across Central New York, but September 2023 did feature a very warm, summery start and continues a common theme for a little while now.

Warm/hot start to the month!

There were two 90+ degree days the first week of the month, with the highest temperature of the month occurring on the 6th with almost the first heat wave of the year occurring between September 5 and 7th. Around the heat wave there were a couple of other hot days providing CNY a string of 5 consecutive days with highs between 87 and 92 degrees, but no records were tied or broken.

The nighttime lows were also on the warm side between the 3rd and 11th lows didn’t drop below 60!

We did cool off some

Yes, it did turn more seasonable for the last half of the month, especially at night with 7 nights dipping into the 40s with even a touch of frost for a few of the normally colder spots of CNY the morning of the 27th.

Where did we rank?

All of the warmth we had during the first part of the month, 18 of the 30 days being warmer than average and warmer end to the month all combined to produce the 12th warmest September on record for Syracuse!

Not too much rainfall

What about precipitation? I think most would not be surprised by these numbers. There were only 7 days of measurable rainfall during the month! In those 7 days Syracuse received only about 2 inches of rainfall during the month, or 31st driest September on record! Yes, some spots did pick up more rainfall than Syracuse, especially south of Syracuse due to a couple of systems passing south of the state in the middle of the month. The most significant rainfall during the month in Syracuse occurred on the 7th when nearly an inch of rain fell.

The extremes in September were 92 and 42 degrees on the 6th and 27th respectively. Again, the wettest day of the month was Thursday, the 7th when 9 tenths of an inch fell.