The high humidity has central New Yorkers feeling like we’re living in the tropics rather than Upstate New York this summer.

If you think it’s felt muggier than normal this summer, you are right.

In our area, it’s not often we have dew point temperatures of 70° or higher. The dew point temperature is the measure of the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. The higher the dew point temperature, the worse the humidity. We usually use 60° as the threshold of when it starts to feel humid, then 70° or higher is when it’s extremely humid and tropical feeling.

According to Iowa State University’s mesonet data, Syracuse has tallied up 377 hours of exceptionally high dew point temperatures of 70° or higher so far in 2021.

The average is 129.8 hours per year.

In the year 2020 Syracuse had dew point temperatures of 70° or higher for 103 hours.

While this is well above the average and the second most hours since 1943, it’s not even close to the highest number of hours recorded. The summer of 2018 takes the cake clocking in with 699 hours with a dew point of 70° or higher!

Here are yearly stats from Iowa State University since 2010:

2010 202 hours

2011 106 hours

2012 96 hours

2013 282 hours

2014   60 hours

2015  137 hours

2016   201 hours

2017   73 hours

2018  699 hours!  (2 hours at 78 F)

2019  110 hours

2020 103 hours

2021  377 hours so far

Courtesy Iowa State University Mesonet network data