Boy was it a cold start to Tuesday across CNY with many waking up to readings below zero and some well below 0! Check out the morning lows from Tuesday morning below…

It is January and we think most Central New Yorkers realize this month and February are climatologically the coldest months of the year, but how typical (normal) are below zero temperatures in January in Syracuse?

As you can see above, we usually feel subzero temperatures 3 days each January, and we’ve already felt two, including Tuesday morning. After this weekend it appears to be pretty likely that Syracuse will have dropped below zero four times, which would exceed the average. Compare this January to the last two Januarys prior to this year, and you can see that neither January 2021, nor January 2020 featured below zero temperatures! The last time before this January temperatures plunged below 0 degrees was back in January of 2019 when it happened 5 times!

The long-range temperature outlook released daily by NOAA, and we here at NewChannel 9 agree, suggest that the best chance for below normal temperatures through much of the rest of January is across much of the East and Great Lakes, including CNY.

This could mean additional subzero temperatures beyond this weekend. So…be sure to keep the heavy/warm jackets, hats and gloves close by because you’ll likely need them more than not the rest of the month! Hey it is winter, right?!