2021 is in the books officially now, and it certainly was an historic year in Syracuse. Check out the numbers below!

2021 ranked as the 2nd warmest year on record in Syracuse. This is on the heels of the fourth warmest year in 2020.

We had a very warm summer (warmest August ever) that extended into the fall (warmest October ever) and the 2nd warmest December on record! 

While we had more days at 90 or above (18 days) than normal in 2021, there were very few individual record highs set this summer. What we lacked in extreme heat we made up for with consistent warmth.

2021 featured 158 days where the temperature exceeded 70 degrees which is 23 days (or about three weeks) more of this type of warmth than is typical in a year.

It is important to note that when including 2021s numbers, 4 of the top 6 warmest years in Syracuse have come since 2011. Another sign of our changing climate.

Of course, rain was also a big story this year.  It was wet throughout the summer.  Each of the summer months of June, July and August ended up with more than 6 inches of rain. The first time that has happened in Syracuse.

With a somewhat wet December (we had over 3 inches) we have slipped into the 9th wettest year.

This reminds us of one of the climate oddities in Syracuse history. The Top 5 wettest years in Syracuse all had 50 inches or more (the only times in recorded history) and they all occurred between 1972 and 1976.

Records in Syracuse go all the way back to 1903.