After 3 consecutive days with record high temperatures occurring in Syracuse this past week, Sunday wasn’t a record breaker but another record was tied. What record is that? The number of 80+ degree days in April!

That’s right! The highest number of days that Syracuse has reached 80 degrees or higher in April is 5, and that only happened in one April since records started being kept in Syracuse back in 1902. When? April of 1962 when Syracuse felt 5 days of 80+ degrees, which occurred again after Sunday’s high temperature of 82!

Yes, the 80s may not be felt again this month, but nonetheless April 2023 is tied for first with having the most 80+ degree days, and for the first time in recorded history Syracuse reached 80+ degrees 5 consecutive days in April between the 12th and 16th!

An interesting tidbit that Chief Meteorologist Jim Teske found with regards to the Mays that followed the last 4 Aprils with 4 days of 80+ weather ended up being cooler than normal. We shall see if May of 2023 ends up cool too.

We do think that there’s going to be more days at or below average temperature wise the rest of April than above due to a cooler pattern setting up. The question is, does the cooler pattern persist into May? We shall see…