June 2021 will go down in the record books as the 3rd hottest and 11 wettest June on record.


The month started out fairly normal with some cool mornings, but quickly gained ground with a string of very hot weather and our first heat wave of the year by the end of the first week!

There were only 5 days where the daily high temperature was below normal.

The total monthly average temperature was 72.6°, which is 5.5° above normal! This makes June the 3rd hottest June on record.

Syracuse exceeds yearly average of 90° days before June ends


The month started out fairly dry, but quickly picked up!

The first two weeks of the month from June 1-14 the Syracuse airport only received 1.76″ of rainfall. The second half of the month June 15-30 the Syracuse airport received 4.67″!

That brings the June 2021 monthly total precipitation to 6.43″ which is 2.87″ above normal.

This is the most precipitation we’ve received in one calendar month since October 2019!

Climate data for Syracuse date back to 1902. Since 1949 the data has been recorded at the Syracuse Hancock Airport. Prior data was recorded from downtown Syracuse.