SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) — Winter in Central New York got off to a slow start. The snow was lacking as the streets and lawns remained bare. The new year has brought some changes though, we actually have snow staying long enough on the ground to actually make it look like winter!

Syracuse snowfall for the 2020-2021 winter season through February 11

Here in Syracuse, we did make up for some lost time but we are still behind in seasonal snow. As of February 10, the Syracuse Airport has received just over 50″ of snow. This is almost 36″ below average and it is about a foot less compared to this time last winter.

If you’re curious about where Syracuse stands in the Golden Snowball competition, well… we aren’t in first place, but we aren’t in last either.

It’s not often that Binghamton wins the Golden Snowball. Since 1940, Binghamton has won three times whereas Syracuse has won 39 times. This could be their year thanks to a big storm right before Christmas. Usually, Binghamton averages 83″.

Of course, the Golden Snowball competition doesn’t include our snow-loving friends to the north. If it did, they’d take it every year! Carol in Redfield had a slow start to the snow measuring season too. It was looking bleak for the Tug Hill up until recently.

Now, there is some hope in the air as lake effect has been quite productive over the last week. Carol says she has measured a total of 35.6″ of snow in the last 9 days! That’s more than half the snow we’ve seen in Syracuse all season!

The total amount of snow Redfield, NY has seen so far this winter is 161.5″. Carol says this time last year, her total was at 141.8″. Also last year, Redfield ended with one of their least snowy winters on record. The 2019-2020 winter season ended with 204.6″.

The lowest amount of snow that Carol has measured in one season was back in 2011-2012. That season, she only measured 150″ (out of her total 7108.05″ since 1995-1996).

Over the past 25 years of data collecting, Carol has seen a gradual drop in her average season total. She says, in the first 15 years of her data, her season average was 291.4″. Now, including all 25 years, it is down to 284.3″.

Although this season doesn’t look like it’s going to come close to record-breaking (the snowiest season in Redfield was 1996-1997 with 424.25″), Carol says the town of Redfield has received as much as 51″ of snow in the month of April (2007). So, there’s still time!