SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) — In a post-storm analysis report released May 11th, 2021, The National Hurricane Center upgraded Hurricane Zeta from a Category 2 hurricane to a Category 3, which is a major hurricane.  

You can read the full report here

Hurricane Zeta first made landfall on the Yucatan Peninsula October 27, 2020, as a Category 1 hurricane. It then moved into the Gulf of Mexico where it rapidly strengthened. 

The report states that the max wind speed was 100 knots, or 115mph, upon making landfall in Louisiana October 28, 2020. That is a change from the initial report of max wind speed at 95 knots, or 109 mph. That upgrades the storm from a Category 2 to a Category 3 on the Saffir Simpson Scale. 

Hurricane Zeta is now the latest major hurricane in the Atlantic Basin to make landfall in a season. 

This also means, the 2020 hurricane season ties the 2005 season record of the greatest number of major hurricanes (7 major hurricanes category 3+) in a single season in the Atlantic Basin.  

Hurricane Zeta is responsible for 5 deaths and over $4.4 billion in damage. 

The 2021 hurricane season officially begins on June 1st.

NOAA: Higher average number of hurricanes in the Atlantic basin beginning this year.