SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) — We have it pretty good here in Central New York when it comes to our summers.

After a social media poll, most of our viewers will say our summers are so great because:

Yeah, those tough winters are worth it to get to our great summers.

How does our summer compare to other cities in the nation? Syracuse is like most Upstate New York and Northeast cities where we have warm days with some hot stretches mixed in. Our humidity or the dew points are not terribly bad most of the time. We do get severe weather, but hardly ever any tornadoes.

Sure, we’ll have a heatwave here and there. But they tend to not linger for too long of a time. Not like how summers in the southern part of the country deal with like in Dallas and Miami. Their average max temperature in the summer is over 90°! And their humidity is consistently very high. Also of note Florida and the Gulf Coast have hurricanes to worry about.

It’s not only hot and humid in the summer in Kansas City, MO, but they also frequently have severe weather and tornadoes to deal with.

Chicago is slightly similar to Syracuse, but they do run a little bit warmer and more humid than us.

Looking for some cooler, drier, and less humid weather? Head out west. Seattle gets a reputation for being rainy, but they actually average far less rainfall during the summer than Syracuse. And then you have San Diego where it’s practically sunny and 74° every single day. It’s a rare day they see rain, yet along with any thunderstorms.

Be sure to watch the video for a full breakdown of what makes summer weather in CNY so great!