Severe weather comes in many different forms whether it’s tornadoes, flooding, hail, high winds, thunderstorms, snowstorms, etc…There are many apps that alert you of pending severe weather to help keep you safe but Daniel Maslowski, a senior at SUNY Oswego is developing a weather app that’s a little different.

The app is called SWTRS and it’s pronounced sweaters, but of course it is not related to what you wear, but instead is an acronym that stands for Severe Weather Threat Ranking System.

Daniel’s idea earned him first place and $2,500 in a recent entrepreneur competition called LaunchIT at Oswego State!

The amount of deaths and billions of dollars of damage attributed to severe weather is what inspired Daniel to come up with his app idea. After seeing those numbers Daniel said, “I thought to myself, okay well what can I do to help this issue with the deaths and costs of damage from severe weather? How can we get that down to 0? That’s where SWTRS came into play.”

How does the app work? There are three layers of data involved. The severe weather data comes from the National Center for Environmental Information. The National Weather Service provides the severe weather safety tips and lastly the Storm Prediction Center is where the watches, warnings and advisories come from.

So you will receive the latest watches, warnings and advisories, but also there’s a severe weather ranking system of 1 through 5 with 1 being the highest level threat. For example…Daniel says, “So if there’s flooding the risk is going to be minimal for an area that’s in a higher elevation.” This example would rank as a 5 on the threat scale for flooding. However, a low lying area near a flood prone river would be ranked as a 1 on the flood threat scale.

The types of weather events ranked on the app are tornadoes, lightning, wind, flooding and hail. The threat level will depend on the location you enter on the app.

Daniel is hoping to have the app complete and available by this summer, and the app will not cost you a penny to download! So come this summer and beyond if you are looking to buy a house/property and are curious to see what the biggest weather threat is it might be a wise move to get the SWTRS app on your phone.