Buckle up Central New York! We are about to go for a ride on the temperature rollercoaster to round out October. Unusual? No, but doesn’t make it easy when trying to decide whether to put the warm weather apparel away or not.

Going down and then back up…

After a brief warm up to round out this past week, the temperatures are tumbling to the lowest they’ve been since last spring across the region this weekend into the start of the upcoming week. Then by the middle of the upcoming week after the first frost for many possibly including Syracuse to start Tuesday, temperatures go back up by the middle of week!

Why the big swings?

What’s going to cause the big swings? The good ole jet stream of course. We expect the dip/trough setting up across the Northeast with the nor’easter this weekend to depart as quick as it arrives after the start of the week. You can see the blues, chilly air, over us Sunday, but yellows/oranges, warmer air, by the middle of next week.

Chasing a couple of records

Where do we stand temperature wise in October through the 20th? 2nd warmest on record so far as you can see below! The chillier weekend and start to the week won’t help the chase for the warmest October, but much of this upcoming week after Monday could!

Also, Syracuse has not felt the low temperature drop below 40 degrees this fall yet! If this doesn’t happen by midnight Monday night that would be the latest we’ve gone without a 30 something degree temperature! Stay tuned.