SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) — Central New York went from the coldest morning since March to thunderstorms that could rival a mid-summer! What’s up with that in November?

A cold front moved through central New York Monday night along with cool air aloft causing late fall thunderstorms.

Here’s why the thunder sounded extra loud

Normally temperatures decrease as you go up in height into the atmosphere, but not always. When temperatures increase with height that’s called an inversion. It’s when there is a warm layer of air above a colder layer at the surface.

The thunder, which would normally rise up through the lower atmosphere, bounced off the ‘inversion’ back down to the ground enhancing the sound and causing it to ‘roll’ on for an extended period of time.

T-storms in November are rare in Syracuse.

There haven’t been any thunderstorms recorded in Syracuse in the month of November since 2017.