Snow lovers/winter enthusiasts have been hurting for the 4th winter in a row with this winter being the most lackluster of them all!

So the question is, why so mild and snowless??

The good ole jet stream’s position

The main reason for the lack of snow and unseasonably mild air this winter more often than not is the position of the jet stream. More often than not, the jet stream has been near or north of us here across the Eastern U.S. On the flip side, out west the jet stream has been south of them hence much colder and stormier across this area leading to improvements in the drought conditions.

The numbers don’t lie…

Since the start of meteorological winter, December 1st, through February 8th (roughly 9 weeks) Syracuse has only felt 23 days with below average temperatures compared to 67 days with warmer than average air! Yes, that’s right! You aren’t feeling things. We would normally expect to see closer to a 50 to 50% split of above and below average temperature days over this time span.

About two thirds of this winter has been warmer than normal, and this number is likely to grow even more so over the next week or two!

Hang in there winter enthusiasts, Old Man Winter has to have a trick or two up his sleeve…