Preparing your family for summer severe weather

Summer Outlook 2021

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) — It’s almost summertime in Central New York and it’s time to start thinking about a plan for you and your family for in and when severe weather strikes.

One of the biggest things to remember (especially the kids):


When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!® – Shelby Ohio Weather

When you hear thunder that means there is a thunderstorm nearby, and therefore lightning. Lightning is extremely dangerous. So it’s very important to seek shelter indoors, in a car, or under a covering like a pavilion if you don’t have a building or car to go to and wait out the storm out.

In the rare event a tornado warning is issued that’s when you absolutely need to seek shelter indoors immediately. The safest spot is in your basement or in the most interior room on the lowest level of your home.

Kids, grab your bike helmets if you can before you take shelter to help protect your head from flying debris! Then, duck and cover.

Strong and severe thunderstorms tend to also come with very heavy rainfall that could cause flooding.

One more rhyme to remember:


Flood Safety Awareness Week - TADD

Never drive through a flooded roadway because you don’t know the condition of the road under the water. It only takes 6″ of rushing water to move a vehicle.

For more tips be sure to watch the video above!

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