Summer in Syracuse: the ‘normal’ and the extremes

Summer Outlook 2021

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As we FINALLY transition to the warmer, more pleasant days of Spring, the Storm Team is looking ahead to summer.  

But first, do you remember what last summer was like? Do you know what the warmest day (on average) of the year is? How about how many days in summer we usually see rain?  

We took a dive into the record book to find the answers!  

All calculations reflect numbers recorded in Syracuse from 1902-2019.

In order to compare previous years to a “normal” we need to first define our averages. 

Our warmest month, when averaging all the highs and lows, is July. Take the average of the three months and Syracuse’s average temperature for the summer is 69.1 degrees.  

The wettest summer month is June. July is a close second, it averages 3.59″ of rain. August averages 3.40″ of rain. Overall, Syracuse usually sees 10.61″ of rain in the bucket during the summer.

Last summer (2019) overall was warm and wet. We had nine 90 degree days, eight of which were in the month of July.  

Although last summer was well above normal with precipitation, it didn’t make it into the top 10 wettest summers, it was ranked 28.

Now for the random summer weather trivia you can impress your friends and family with…

There are 92 days in meteorological summer (June, July, and August). An average summer consists of rain falling on 34 of those days. Just because rain fell doesn’t mean it rained all day. Think of all those summer days with quick-moving thunderstorms or quick downpours and then the sun is out in a matter of minutes.

1949 and 2016 tied for the least amount of days with rain. 1977 had the most, about 51% of the days in summer had at least a trace of precipitation.


1. 192223.18″
2. 197219.51″
3. 197619.39″
4. 197418.79″
5. 197518.75
6. 200618.42″
7. 201017.21″
8. 190517.19″
9. 191516.29″
10. 201515.20″
In contrast, the driest summer was 1936, only 3.68″ of rain fell during the 92 day period.

Syracuse doesn’t just have one “warmest day of the year”, it has two and the days fall quite close to the middle of the season.


1. 200573.7 degrees
2. 194973.6 degrees
3. 195573.2 degrees
4. 201272.7 degrees
5. 201172.2 degrees
6. 193772.1 degrees
7. 197372.0 degrees
7. 193372.0 degrees
9. 1959 71.8 degrees
10. 200271.6 degrees
In contrast, the coolest summer was 1903, the average temperature was 64.3 degrees.

As mentioned previously, Syracuse averages nine 90 degree days. In 1955, there were 27 days in Syracuse where the temperature reached 90 degrees or higher, that’s 29% of the summer!

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