Sunday was Syracuse’s coldest day since early May

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – The fall chill was in full force as we closed out the weekend across Central New York. In fact, it was the coldest day we have seen in months.

The last time Syracuse had a high under 50 degrees was all the way back on May 3. The high that day was 48 degrees.

On Sunday, Syracuse managed to reach only 47 degrees for a high, though that occurred around 10 am. Most of the day was spent slightly cooler, low to mid-40s but felt more like the 30s to near 40 thanks to the gusty winds.

So, is the arrival of this cold air on schedule this year, or did it arrive earlier than usual?

In Syracuse, we typically have our first day with a temperature cooler than 50 degrees in Syracuse on October 14, so it’s actually a bit later than average this year.

The latest we have ever started to dip back into the 40s for highs was back in 1994, when the first sub-50 degree high of the season occurred on November 10 that year.

You have to go all the way back to 1924 for the earliest first sub-50 degree high of the season, occurring on September 10.

If you’re not ready for the chillier conditions just yet, don’t worry. We have some warmer weather on the way this week in the 7-day forecast.