To what will be a surprise to most, March 2023 came in a bit warmer and less snowy than normal in Syracuse.

String of warm months continues

The average temperature for the month was 35.0 degrees which was 1.2 degrees above average. It may not have seemed as warm because many of our previous months were much more above average. February was more than six degrees above and January was about 8 degrees above.

Another sneaky factor is that the overnight lows accounted for us being warmer than average.  While the average highs were just about normal, the average lows were about 2 degrees above average.

The warmer than normal March means it was last June since we have had a cooler than average month in Syracuse.

Snow deficit grows

While the start of the month was a bit snowy with about a foot in the first 15 days, snowfall tailed off after that and we ended with yet another winter month with below average snowfall.

Heading into April, Syracuse was about 60 inches below normal in snowfall with the possibility of the season ending up as the third least snowy winter on record since readings have been taken at the airport.

With this lack of snowfall, many are wondering if we are going to be dry as we get ready to work in our gardens and fields.  That doesn’t appear to be a problem in the short term.  We were about a third of an inch above normal in precipitation in March and since the beginning of 2023 we are about 1.8” above normal.