SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV)– We’ve had a lot of heat this summer, not just during the daytime, to make this year one of the hottest summers on record.

While you slept Thursday night, Syracuse broke a record! Thursday was the 20th day so far in 2021 where the temperature failed to drop below 70 degrees.  The previous record was 19 days in 1921.

This is just another measurement of how warm our summer has been, especially our overnight lows. With a week to go on August we are on pace to have our warmest summer for low temperatures.

As uncomfortable as this string of warm nights has been, keep in mind that back in 1921 when the old record was set, air conditioning was no where near as commonplace as it is today.

There are some more warm nights in Syracuse’s future heading into the upcoming weekend, so we will continue to tack on days to this record.

The average number days the temperature stays above 70 degrees in Syracuse is six.