Enjoying the prolonged sunshine and warming temperatures each and every day? With each passing sunny, rain free day one may wonder how unusual is it to have a rain free stretch of at least 9 or 10 consecutive days in May in Syracuse?

Well, experiencing this kind of dry stretch is very unusual in May, but does happen every 30 years on average since 1902. If it stays dry through at least Friday which it looks like it will, it will be the second year in a row with a long dry stretch in May! In 2021, we experienced a 10 day stretch with no rainfall mid to late May!

The greatest consecutive number of days in Syracuse without a drop of rain in May is 14 (two weeks) which occurred back in 1935, two years, 1980 and last year, there were 10 dry days in a row, one 9 day stretch back in 1921 and a 7 day stretch in 2010. By the way, Syracuse on average experiences measurable rain about 1 out of every 3 days in the month of May right through the summer.

The longest consecutive dry days (without even a trace of precipitation) at any point of the year is 19 days three different times. These long dry periods occurred back in mid April into early May of 1939, in 1949 at the end of May into June, and in October of 1963.

If anyone is concerned about a drought settling in, at this point there is not much concern due to the wet summer last year and near normal precipitation over the winter. The water tables across the region are in good shape which is good news for area farmers.

Rain chances look to slowly go up this weekend, especially Sunday the way it’s looking. Stay tuned to the NewsChannel 9 Storm Team forecast for the latest.