SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — We crossed from winter to spring late Monday afternoon here in Central New York and throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

With the 50-degree weather in the forecast for the next few days it would be nice to say that our weather will take a cue from the calendar and follow with more mild, dry, and sunny weather. 

However, we all know the drill here in Central New York.  Winter usually has something to say about that. 

Learning from history

Just from a climatological standpoint, the odds of Syracuse having at least some snow between now and the end of the month are quite high.

Since the turn of the century, there has been snow in the air the last 10 days of March EVERY SINGLE YEAR.  That is 23 total years.  In 70% of those years (16 out of 23 years) there has been measurable snow, including 6.8” of snow at the end of last March.

The bottom line is it would be more newsworthy if there was NOT any snow at the end of March

The pattern still points to some snow

Not only is past history on the side of late-season snow, but the upcoming pattern unfolding in front of us is favorable for some snow as well.

We see two opportunities for snow in Central New York coming up through the middle of next week.

First up is low pressure that tracks just to our west Saturday.  That makes it a rainmaker to start but on the backside of this low Saturday night into Sunday there are gusty northwest winds and colder air.  This is our first chance of late March snow.

Next, another area of low pressure is forecast to track farther south later Monday into Tuesday, perhaps south of Central New York.

When dealing with early spring snows, they are most likely to accumulate at night when temperatures are closer to freezing and we aren’t dealing with the strong March sun (even if it is behind the clouds)

Also, the snow that comes this time of year is quick to go. We saw it with the melting of last week’s snow and the same would happen with whatever Mother Nature throws our way in the next ten days or beyond.

As the chances for snow come into better view, we’ll keep you updated if you click here.