We all know music has rhythm, and everyone has the preference with what they listen to, but when it comes to Mother Nature and her rhythm we don’t have a choice. Whatever she delivers we have to deal with.

That’s right, the weather follows a pattern and can get into it’s own rhythm with great or stormy/snowy weather occurring on the same days of the week for weeks on end for a month or so. This past winter, since we were stuck in a stubborn jet stream pattern that didn’t budge much Fridays were often quite snowy and cold throughout a good chunk of the winter, where Sundays were quietest.

The result is clear as you can see below…

Yes, Fridays tallied up to almost 20 inches of snow since the beginning of November, while Syracuse only saw 5.5 inches on Sundays in this pretty lackluster winter when it comes to snow. The second snowiest day of the week ended up being Tuesday, 12.5 inches, despite last Tuesdays snowstorm that dropped just over 7 inches in Syracuse. In an ‘average’ winter, each day of the week would pick up about 18 inches after all is said and done.

Odds of CNY seeing more accumulating snow moving through the last 10 days of March into the start of April are pretty good. Why? Well, first of all, temperatures to round out March and start April is looking to feature at or below average more often than not.

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