Wellness Wednesday: Fall prevention course helps students and those at The Nottingham

Wellness Wednesday

JAMESVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Education and health are colliding for this week’s installment of Wellness Wednesday.

Le Moyne students in the two-year Occupational Therapy Master’s Program are working with those who live at The Nottingham in a five-week Fall Prevention program, ASPIRE (Awareness, Safety, Prevention and Independence for Readiness Everywhere).

One of the people in the course is Kay Keller. She’s been living at The Nottingham for eight years and she’s already fallen once, so Keller doesn’t miss a single session with her Le Moyne friends.

“I fractured some vertebrae in my back. I don’t want to do it again,” said Keller.

Keller and the rest of the class are learning simple steps to stay on their feet, such as leading with their strong leg when they go up the stairs or holding onto railings when they’re available.

One of the occupational therapy students in the program is Troy Norton. He has a personal reason for going into this field.

My grandfather, he fell in the bathroom when he got older. They [doctors] couldn’t do any surgery on him or anything. He was bleeding internally and that basically led to his death.

Troy Norton

The sad reality is, falls can be very detrimental to older adults.

So, students like Norton and Jenny Carr put the focal point on prevention by giving them strategies and skills they can apply in everything they do.

“A big part of it is just ensuring that they’re able to engage in those meaningful activities that they do every day.”

Jenny Carr

The students are helping them find ways to safely grocery shop, reach things on the top shelf, get on and off a bus, etc.

It’s not just physical though. Students cover various health topics, such as drinking enough water and nutrition.

It’s a program that gives students a foundation for the future while helping those at The Nottingham build balance, strength, and a bit of confidence.

“It will allow me to be more confident in my skills and my abilities and really translate the knowledge that I’ve learned in the program when I’m actually out in a practice,” said Carr.

Loretto is hopeful the students will be back in the spring semester if there are enough students enrolled.

If the course will continue, those who live at The Nottingham will be notified through the weekly telegraph system and then they’ll be able to call the Life Enrichment Office to save their spot.

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