Wellness Wednesday: life-saving tool speeds up time to treat stroke patients at Crouse

Wellness Wednesday

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — When it comes to stroke care, every second counts, and the team at Crouse has a tool to help them get ahead.

Crouse uses something called Viz.ai and it’s a game-changer.

“It’s an excellent communication application that really gets the whole team on board with all of the steps that are happening in real-time,” said Medical Director of Neurosciences, Dr. David Padalino.

It doesn’t make decisions for doctors, it simply brings them all up to speed.

The application enhances the communication between team members and ultimately reduces the time of a work up so stroke patients get to treatment faster.

Take the thrombectomy for example.

61% of those [thrombectomy patients] are getting their treatment within 90 minutes. We’re actually trying to push that target up greater than 75%. We’re actually on target to reach that by the end of this year.

David Padalino

From Jan to Nov of 2019, before instituting the application, Padalino says Crouse was averaging two and a half hours from the time a patient arrived to the time the clot was taken out with a thrombectomy.

“Now, since instituting the software in December of 2019, we’re averaging about one and a half hours,” said Padalino.

Even with the technology, the most important step is getting to the hospital quickly.

Padalino says you should always remember the acronym FAST:

“Facial droop, arm weakness, speech difficulty, and it’s time to call 911,” he said.

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