Wellness Wednesday: Small, simple things that improve overall health

Wellness Wednesday

(WSYR-TV) — Did you know that there are a few small things that can be done to improve your overall health day by day? Here are several simple steps that can have big impacts on your well being.

Mouthwash Matters

Let’s start with our mouth because gum health can impact so much.

For starters, are you using mouthwash? And are you swishing it long enough? For all of your teeth to be hit with enough of that mouthwash, you should be fighting through the burn for at least 30 seconds.

Also, look for the American Dental Association seal of acceptance on the bottle.

Protein for Breakfast

Breakfast. We all know it’s the most important meal of the day but what you eat is just as important.

If you ask your doctor, they’ll likely tell you it’s about the protein. Eating protein inn the morning helps keep your blood sugar and energy levels stable and that’ll keep your mood stable too.

Here’s a tip. If you like yogurt, it’s a good way to get protein fast…or use greek cream cheese on your morning bagel or toast if that’s your flavor.

Rinse Your Beans

Here’s one for your next Taco Tuesday. Rinse your beans before you cook! A 10-second rinse can help wash off about 40% of the sodium and that adds up over time.

Dry Your Hands

And finally, we’re all washing our hands more than we were pre-pandemic, but make sure you spend enough time drying them too. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says damp hands are more likely to pick up bacteria.

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