What's Going Around

What's Going Around: Our weekly check of local doctors' offices for Nov. 12

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - NewsChannel 9's weekly What's Going Around report checks in with Central New York doctors to find out what illnesses they've been treating.

LIVERPOOL: Dr. Dracker says lots of children have a cough right now and it lasts for a few weeks. Strep throat is going around, and he's seeing sinusitis and ear infections.

CAMILLUS: Kids are coughing, and little ones have the barky cough known as croup. They're also reporting positive tests for strep throat , colds and the coxsackie virus with blisters in the mouth and a rash on the hands and feet.  

FULTON: Strep throat tests are coming back positive. The urgent care is also seeing people with bronchitis.

SYRACUSE: At Brighton Hill Pediatrics, upper respiratory infections are going around along with colds.

PULASKI: Doctors are just seeing upper respiratory infections.

AUBURN: Doctors are seeing lots of upper respiratory infections,colds, bronchitis and sore throats, both strep and viral.

What’s Going Around is our way of letting you know what illnesses are out there. Your own doctor can tell you about the best treatments.


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